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The Roof Repair Company : Company Profile.

The Roof Repair Company have specialised in the installation, maintenance and repair of slate and tiled roofs sine the company was formed in 1990 on completion of our trade skills and awards from the City & Guilds Group

Core Values;

We believee in, honesty, integrity and quality, which invariably shines through in our workmanship. We try and vastly improve everything we touch. We listen carefully to you and can also provide you with expert advice, prior to providing you with an an estimate, or starting work.

Industry Standards;

We always meet or exceed industry standards. The quality of our products, equipment and services is first class. We provide excellent value for money, quality products and superb service. Please feel free to read our FAQ on roofing

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Old Slate Roof  

Old Slate Roof

The photograph shown here on the left is typical of the type of worn-out slate roof that we replace on a regular basis.

Notice that the slate has been installed well and lasted very well considering that it is around 100 years old. It has stood up to storms and the elements for 10 decades!

However it had reached the end of it's lifecycle as a roof, as it had leaks, storm damage and fungal growth which was de-valuing the price of the property.

New Slate Roof   New Slate Roof

We replaced the shown above with completely new Scottish Slate which the client had specifically asked us to provide since the property was sited in a conservation area.

After long discussions with the client the we hand cut architectural details into the roofline which provided not only cosmetic interest but completely watertight covering for their treasured home. Which will hopefully last for another 10 decades.
The Roof Repair Company, 2 Canthill Gardens, Shotts, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Tel 01501 825018 email:
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